The 4 Ps For Early Success

The Four P's for Business

As an eCommerce entrepreneur, you need to know how to increase traffic on your site in order for your online business to grow. And that’s easier said than done. You have probably heard about the 4P’s model, the number itself is enough to confuse you and make you doubt its effectiveness.

Here are the details:

Product/Service P Value

The product or service you are about to sell has a positive probability of being selected from among the 4,800 other products and services on the internet. It is less likely to be selected than others. Its probability will be higher if you are selling something unusual, rare or unique.

Price P Value

The price you are about to sell the product or service at will have a positive probability of being selected from among the 8,000 products and services that are currently for sale.

Availability P Value

Most products and services will be available to buy by the time the customer requests your service. This value is low, compared to other sites, because you are starting your business as an entrepreneur.

Perceived Value of the Product

This is the amount of credibility your prospective customer will give your business if he or she decides to buy from you. It starts very low and will be more if your customer trusts you.

A good way to increase traffic on your site, and get more customers is to write an informative and attractive article about the product you are selling.

Add your unique product picture in the article.

Write an unbiased and unbiased description of your product.

And then add a strong call to action and reward your customer for following your instructions.

This is value added to the article. Write an article about how to sell the product in your site. Add how to videos and eBooks about the product. Get a higher page rank on the search engines and lots of visitors.

You can also increase your product’s price, availability and perceived value from this article.

You will find this especially useful info if you are using a drop ship model.

Good Luck!